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The 120 x 85 x 75 cm size piece of furniture is composed of eight different modules, which are connected by an interlocking
construction system to form a rectangular object. Drawn up in a reduced style, the compact body of the Transformers can be
expanded through the active use of the drawer elements, simultaneously revealing the open inner structure.
There are overall 20 different possibilities to insert elements in different sizes. The harmonised arrangement of shelf areas,
recesses and lateral notches offers a maximal effective area of the modules, which are assimilated to standardised measure-
ments. The cumulative height of the object, for example, corresponds to the dimensions of a worktable, while the drawer slots
are in accordance with DIN. With a potential extended size of up to 3,7 meters per side the Transformer not only functions as
a fluid shelving system, as a free-standing piece of furniture with a levitating character it can also serve as a partition.

in the exhibition "Vertrautes Terrain - Contemporary Art in and about Germany "-> Vertrautes Terrain -> ZKM

Technical support by NSK Linear Guides
photos Oliver Wrobel & Bianca Elmer, text Christina Irrgang & Zoe Miller
© 2009 Martin Saemmer

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From SHE in China - Holiday haven

Monday, August 3, 2009

Holiday haven

What a week I’ve had. In a rental car we went through parts of Finland that I didn’t even know existed: picturesque little villages made up by lakes and islands that look as if they have been taken out of a story book. Got to love the beauty of this country and being so close to nature and fresh air. Summer, sunshine and an average of 24 degrees (forget about the humidity –heaven!) didn’t make matters worse. I swam every day (in all kinds of lakes, in case you didn’t know, Finland is known for being ‘the home of thousands lakes’ even though Sweden actually has got a bigger number of lakes), enjoyed picnics in the sun, walks in the forest and cute little boat cruises on boats that could have been taken out of a movie. It was truly wonderful. Now, however, I’m back at work and I feel completely out of touch with what’s been going on in the world while I’ve been ‘gone.’ That’s what no computer/ no email/ no phone/ no newspapers (sure, could have gone and bought some but deliberately chose to be ignorant enough not to) does to you.

I haven’t spoken a word of Chinese in 2 weeks. Yikes. Scary how fast you forget recent vocabulary. I realized the change when I was catching some sun on the pier the other day, and tried to make up a sentence in Chinese in my head (one of my odd hobbies nowadays) and couldn’t think of the word for ‘destiny’ (a simple word as 命运 that I learned ages ago!). So frustrating! Fortunately, it eventually came to me, but still… I already fear how my first few weeks at the new university are going to go… Oh well, you win some and you lose some. I guess that I too have to realize that you cannot have the cookie (spend a summer in Scandinavia) and eat it (improve my Mandarin/not forget my Mandarin) at the same time.

Some pictures from Savonlinna and the surrounding nature where we spend the beginning of the week:

Japanese Vs HongKongese 香港男人同日本男人有何分別 / 香港女人同日本女人責任上有何分別

托K小姐既福 我們一行六條女星期五晚上 舉行了一個 "暢飲會"
香港女生*2 + 日本女生*4

大家應該估到 三個女人一個墟 [兩個墟]會係幾咁 "墟�"

I. 男人
II. 美容


關於男人, 一眾日本妹未去過香港 好想知道香港男人同日本男人有何分別 / 香港女人同日本女人責任上有何分別, 以下是日本女生對日本男生的投訴:

1) SHOPPING時從不比錢及幫女朋友提東西
2) 拍拖之後不能有任何異性朋友 不能跟其他男生出街甚至食LUNCH, SEND SMS 及通電話
3) 示女朋友如阿四 但女人不能不服從他們的要求 (例如 番到屋企 講聲: 拎罐啤酒黎 要即刻拎 仲要幫佢加冰 留意佢是否滿意其溫度)


1) SHOPPING時比唔比錢係好個人 但大多數男朋友都會幫手拎野 (她們覺得嘩....好幸福...睇到依度係咪覺得佢地好易滿足
? 日本妹好正?)
2) 拍拖之後可以有自己圈子同朋友。 (男人可能覺得好爽 覺得依D係尊重 不過唔好唔記得 你地亦唔可以同任何女性朋友來往...還覺得爽嗎?)
3) 如果我地心情好好 又或者佢地態度好好 係佢既請求上加句THANK YOU會幫佢拎。不過對方最好係以感謝既心態去對待我地既尊重。換句話說, 日本男人係老馮, 香港男人唔敢太老馮。
(相信男生們都覺得日本妹係佢地夢寐以求既"老婆" 比起香港女生, 溫柔及服從度高到不得了。但你們有無諗深一層, 點解佢地咁得閒又咁願意滿足你地大男人既心態? 以下是我們的結論:

- 日本女人 普遍結婚就唔洗做, 老公成份糧比曬老婆(甚至有不少公司直接每個月過數去老婆戶口), 老婆反過來每日/一星期一次比零用錢老公洗。佢地既零用錢大約係如何定呢? 大概如下:
a) 老公份糧有幾甘
b) 每餐飯幾多錢 (老婆做愛心lunch者則比少D, 老公要求唔帶便當就比多D, 另額外應酬再作申請)
c) 老婆理財有幾叻 (一個唔覺意買左個名牌手袋 老公份零用就凍過水)

試問老婆唔洗做, 拎住你成份糧同D FD去梳乎/ SHOPPING, 你咁辛苦做野番到黎 拎杯合你要求既冰凍啤酒比你有幾難? 幫你MASSAGE埋又點話?

事實上間唔中 我奶奶都有d 師奶朋友黎痴餐, 一黎到就呻 "死啦 我琴日又忍唔住look左個Coach, 下個月還埋卡數...可能月中開始我老公就要每日帶飯啦....比佢知道又鬧啦....

II. 美容

愛美係女人既天性, 日本女生中 我最羨慕的 就係無論幾瘦都好 身材都有番咁上下 另外就是她們好白。 就此, 我地問了日本女生 吃什麼才可以有如此完美的身材。

她們不約而同說....日本女生才沒身材....只是我們的內衣設計比較花功夫! "我們日本的PAD很厚,你們香港沒厚PAD的PUSH-UP內衣嗎?

下...不是吧 為什麼我一直覺得日本女生的身材好?

日本女生說: 你完全誤會了 那是PAD的關係 下次一起去海邊 或溫泉 你便知道了 我們的內衣多數沒賣A CUP, 因為 A CUP 通常被變成B或C CUP 這樣穿衣服比較好看 ( well, i think i should go check out their underwear asap n cant wait to go to ONSEN with them)

另外皮膚白, 除了天生, 應該是她們從BB開始, 每個人都一直喝牛喝直至上小學為止有關。

男生們, 如果你們還是以娶日本妹為依歸 請努力賺錢。
娶日本妹的夢想是浪漫的 現實卻是殘酷的 須知道, 一份微薄既薪水兩份洗係幾咁可憐, 主權係老婆身上 更是可憐中的可憐。

女生們, 如果工作得太累, 不仿考慮一下嫁給傳統的日本人 =]

PS: DASH不是傳統日本人...